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DKBans provides your staff team a powerful tool for punishing and managing players on your network.

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Extend your server with in game currencies. Create amazing challenges, rewards or use it just on your CityBuild server.

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Secure your server with a modern and powerful permission system. Control the access of your players and visualize your staff team.

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All our Minecraft projects are built on this platform. It provides a feature rich bridge between your plugin and server platform like Bukkit and BungeeCord.

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The most of our projects are based on this open source libraries. They offer many essential functionalities for any kind of application.

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Database Query

The Pretronic Database Query (PDQ) project is a java and kotlin database framework for querying and manipulating data from different databases.

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Connect with our team or other people of our community on the Pretronic Discord. Discuss about projects, ask questions or just talk a little bit. You have a great idea? Then post your suggestion on our discord and ask for feedback.

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Many of our projects are open source and licensed under the Apache-2 license on GitHub. Feel free to contribute or modify the code for your own use. Connect with our team and other developer, we’d love to see you.